How much does windshield repair cost?

$60 first windshield repair
$10 each additional repair, per service call, per vehicle

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Will my insurance company pay for windshield repair?

If you file a windshield repair claim, and you have full coverage, your insurance company typically will cover the cost with no charge to you. Comprehensive coverage is considered a “no fault” damage in the state of Arizona. However, if you file multiple windshield replacement claims, your insurance company could decide to hike your premium. They are less inclined to raise your premium when you file chip repair claims. Repair is a better option.

Do I need to use the insurance company’s shop?

Upon arrival, we will evaluate the damage and together contact your insurance company. The call will take approximately 15 minutes to obtain an authorization. Most insurance companies will try to get you to use one of their “preferred shops.” This is called “steering” and it is illegal. Or they may attempt to intimidate you by stating they cannot guarantee the repair if you don’t use one of their shops. By law you have the right to have your windshield repaired by the repair shop of your choice. Insurance companies do not offer guarantees. The repair shops are responsible for the guarantee. We specialize in repair and offer a full money-back guarantee if the repair does not stop the damage from spreading for as long as you own the vehicle.

What about the cash incentives to replace the windshield? 

Beware of glass replacement companies offering you instant $$cash$$ when you need a windshield replacement. Their goal is to sell you a windshield. In some situations, a chip or a crack can be repaired but you may be persuaded to replace your windshield instead. If the repair fails, they will only offer you a refund towards the cost of a replacement. These companies are billing your insurance company higher prices for windshield replacement vs. the low cost of a repair. Glass companies are able to offer “cash incentives” to you due to their high profit margins. It is my experience and knowledge that insurance companies will hike your premiums to recover these costs. That is what you don’t want. Eventually you may pay more in premiums than the incentives you received. Repair is a better option.

We are a repair-only company and it is our goal to save your windshield and not add to the risk of premium hikes.

Visit the NWRD website and review the Information Center for Consumers. This worldwide organization has information on the benefits of windshield repair and what you should know before selecting a glass shop or before contacting your insurance company.


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