About Anthem Stars & Chips

Anthem Stars & Chips was founded by Kathy Kukrall, who began doing windshield repairs in the early 1980s when windshield repair was in its early stages. Since that time, Kathy has been a part of the growing innovation in the field, most recently as a Director of Maintenance for one of the largest rent-a-car companies in the country. She is a certified windshield repair technician with 35 years of experience and knowledge. She is proud to be operating a woman-owned business and one that has such a positive impact on its customers and the environment.

Kathy owns the business and does the repairs. She is certified with the National Windshield Repair Division and partners with one of the top recognized manufacturers for state-of-the-art repair equipment and professional grade resins that sets her apart from the competition. These products meet the most stringent tests for strength, clarity, cure time and longevity.

“I am confident that you won’t find a better company who can achieve professional quality windshield repairs than Anthem Stars and Chips.”
~ Kathy Kukrall


Why choose Anthem Stars & Chips?

  • We’re simply the best in the industry

  • We specialize in repair

  • We have over 35 years knowledge and experience

  • We are a NWRD Certified Repair Technician

  • We use state-of-the-art manufacturer products

  • Locally owned and operated

  • We are mobile and come to you

We specialize in repair

This is all we do and we are the best because of it. Our experienced technicians take their time doing each repair. We know and DO what is right for you. Your safety is our priority and because our technicians are certified by the National Windshield Repair Division, we know what breaks are repairable and which are not. We take pride in our work. We’re simply the best in the industry.

Our full money-back guarantee

We offer a full money back guarantee if a repair does not stop the damage from spreading for as long as you own your vehicle or the repair does not meet the National Windshield Repair Division standards. Due to the process of using pressure and vacuum cycles during the repair, the damaged area may develop additional cracks or existing cracks may increase in length and may not be repairable. In the unlikely event that we cannot repair the damage, our liability is limited to a refund of any amount charged for the attempted repair.


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Be safe. Save time and money. Repair your windshield BEFORE small chips and cracks become unfixable and require replacement. Service areas include Anthem, Tramonto, New River and Phoenix.

Anthem Stars and Chips LLC BBB Business Review

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